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About Thailand

About Thailand


At first what is currently Thailand was partitioned into little states called Meuang. By 100 AD they were rehearsing Theravada Buddhism. However the predecessors of current Thais are accepted to have originated from southern China. They relocated to Thailand between the tenth century and the thirteenth century AD.
In the interim between the ninth century and the thirteenth century a lot of what is presently Thailand was managed by the Khmers, a people from what is currently Cambodia. However in the thirteenth century a few little states in Thailand in the Mekong River valley joined to shape a kingdom called Sukhothai. It is viewed as the primary Thai kingdom. However the main Thai kingdom did not keep going long. It declined in the late fourteenth century.

Modern Thailand


Thailand in the twentieth Century
In July 1917 Thailand joined World War I on the unified side.
In November 1925 Prajadhipok progressed toward becoming ruler of Thailand. However on 24 June 1932 an insurgency made Thailand a protected government. In October 1933 Prince Boraradej drove a counter-upset yet he was crushed. Prajadhipok abandoned in March 1935 for his 10 year old nephew Ananda Mahidol.
On 8 December 1941 Thailand consented to let Japanese troops to go through the nation to attack British Malaya. The Japanese at that point involved Thailand and on 25 January 1942 Thailand announced war on Britain and the USA.
However 90,000 Thai guerrillas drove by Pridi Phanomyong battled the Japanese. In 1946 Thailand marked peace settlements with Britain and France. That year Thailand joined the UN.

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